True home is any location where one dwells in joy. For older souls, true home is a powerful ingredient to a happy life. Living in true home means that you feel more in essence, that your outer environment matches and supports your inner life. In true home you feel more alive….acutely aware of the earth and devic allies that surround you. There are 7 zones or regions on the planet where true home may be found. Each region has a unique energy field that you draw upon for a sense of well-being and harmony. When you are in your true home region, you feel visible and welcome. Your quality of life usually improves. If it’s not your place, you will feel anxious to leave and out of sorts. Chronic health problems can develop when you linger too long in a location that you are not in affinity with.

Although circumstances such as economics, physical disabilities and karmic responsibilities can limit mobility, most older souls find a way to live in a true home region for a good portion of the lifetime, particularly in elder years. It is possible to live in all 7 regions in one lifetime, but more likely to live in 3-5.

True home can also be found where 2 or more regions overlap. These places are highly desirable as there is more energy to draw from. An example of an overlapping region is an urban center like Seattle, WA situated in a coastal region near mountains and wilderness. Another example is California where 6 out of 7 true home regions exist and frequently overlap.

Power spots, or places imbued with a high frequency energy can be found in any of the following true home regions across the globe

  • Urban Centers
    People are drawn to urban centers to test themselves with external power-to be part of a game that is driven by competition, financial expansion and emotional anonymity. Urban centers are a good place for older souls to assimilate themselves into the prevailing mainstream culture and feel productive in it. Although exciting, the pace and dislocation from earth energies make it difficult for older souls to live there for long periods. Mature souls do well in urban centers when they form tight communities or friends and get involved in civic causes. They feel at home with the sophistication of a city, but need to create natural surroundings in their homes or take frequent breaks into nature.
  • Oceans
    Oceans and coastlines offer cleansing, healing and purification. Twice a day the tides rush in and wash away everything in their path. The rhythmic sound of waves reaching the shore remind us of the cycles of birth, death, and renewal. Being close to the ocean is very soothing to the emotional center.
  • Mountains
    Mountains are living symbols of the Tao, of timelessness and eternity. They put you in touch with your higher centers. Because they are so ancient, it is easier to see the bigger picture and the vast expanse of time. In mountains you tend to gain patience, grounding and a sense of what truly matters.
  • Jungles
    Jungles represent primal instinctive energy. Teeming with life, they put you in touch with dark feminine energy and her plant and animal allies. Jungles are places where the energy goes down and in, making them highly desirable locations for facing and healing deep seated fears.
  • Deserts
    Deserts represent clarity. A lack of moisture in the air brings things into sharper focus, stimulating the intellectual canter. They help you determine what you can live with or live without. Deserts help you separate reality from illusion.
  • Wilderness
    Wilderness areas offer solitude. With no visible boundaries, the wilderness helps you set limits according to your own needs. It calls you to confront yourself and discard those aspects which are no longer useful. Wilderness areas calm and restore the emotional center.
  • Plains
    Plains represent neutrality. They are stable places where there is little energy toward forward movement. The flatness of the plains ensures a slow and gradual pace of change, making them attractive places for people with limited growth challenges for the lifetime.

If you are in any doubt about where true home is for you, try noticing the regions you feel most drawn to. Do you feel joyful and nurtured by your current location? If not, even a visit to a true home region will feel rejuvenating. For most of us it isn’t a mystery as we have an inner knowing about true home that guides us to the right place at the right time.