Kay Kamala

Intuitive Life Counseling


When asked how I would describe my work, I often say “I’m in the business of offering people encouragement.” Given the unprecedented expansion, growth and uncertainty of the times we live in, I am happy to do so. We are all being required in small and big ways, to let our light, gifts and talents shine out in the world, to live with purpose and to source our most true selves and our connection with Spirit. We are designed to weather the rougher seas by keeping our hearts full, clear, strong and open. Our kindness and generosity helps us remember we are all in the same boat.


Kay has been offering guidance and counsel to individuals all over the globe for over 30 yrs. She has trained with various teachers and traditions, incorporating a wealth of experience and instruction into her counseling practice.

Kay’s grounded and encouraging approach has assisted many people in connecting with their power and core essence. Her specialties include relationship dynamics, karma and agreements with significant people, life blueprint overviews and identifying obstructive energy patterns.

She is the author of the ebook Seven Voices One Song: Relationship Compatibility Between the 7 Archetypal Roles.

Contact Kay

kaykamala@aol.com \\ Tel: 505 231-1680 \\ Skype: kaykamala2
1425 Cypress Point Ln #203, Ventura, CA 93003