The energies of the upcoming year are continuing to shake up and free the tree of its old fruit, clearing the branches for new growth. We enter the year with a heightened sense of uncertainty and destabilizing influences which will require each of us to be clear with our intentions throughout the year, along with a willingness to be flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances. Although tempting, this is not a year to crawl into bed and pull up the covers until the storm passes. There are dynamic and very active influences here calling us to action.

At the collective level we are in the evolutionary process of maturing the rules of the game on the planet from “me and mine” to “we and ours.” This is a huge shift in perception and takes time. Things are intensely polarized during this transition and wide swings back and forth resemble a playground game of tug of war. This is exactly where we are now. Forward evolution will win this one but it can be very distruptive and edgy for everyone in the meantime. Just remember we are all in this together and our thoughts, actions and intentions can determine the quality of how things unfold. When in doubt align with Spirit, use compassion and lead by example.

At the personal level you will be supported this year in making improvements or upgrades to some part of your life that needs it. If something has been staring you in the face or you have been in procrastination, pay attention. Use your powers of discernment to see the unvarnished truth about a situation and act accordingly. The upside of things falling apart is that it makes you open to new and untried possibilities. If you get overwhelmed or confused, just ask yourself “What do I need to do or say in this situation to empower myself?” You will feel empowered through taking action and managing something in a new and untried way, including your fear patterns and triggers.

Influences of the year include:
• Mastery/tyranny, discernment/rejection, persistence, insight, objectivity.
• Engaging your inner Masculine energy, finding positive and constructive outlets for actions.
• Two steps forward, one step sideways. Things are moving forward but not in a straight line.
• Flashes of inspiration and solutions to problems coming out of the blue.
• Intensely polarized, loud, and noisy (annoying) public narrative. Stay neutral with dramas around you. Plug energy leaks.
• Staying grounded, focused and alert through connection with natural world and spiritual practices.

Themes for 2017 include:

Element of the year: Fire

Animal allies: Fire rooster, badger

Opportunities for: Successfully completing or initiating improvements and upgrades at all levels. Mastering something important that improves your quality of life. Managing crisis and personal triggers with more ease. Big releases, big benefits.

Challenges: Dancing with dragons: all fear patterns are on display, bad behavior, aggression gone bad.

Many blessings for a wonderful year!

Eclipses in 2017

February 10/11: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
February 26: Annular Solar Eclipse
August 7/8: Partial Lunar Eclipse
August 21: Total Solar Eclipse

Mercury Retrograde Cycles 2017

December 20, 2016 – January 9, 2017
April 9 – May 3
August 13 – September 5
December 3 – January 10, 2018